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Management Consultancy and Accounting Services (MCAS)

The management consultancy & accounting services framework provides business strategy consultancy appropriate for all public sector organisations and variations specifically tailored for the healthcare and local government arenas.

This provides consultancy advice on the development of high-level business strategies, presented to senior-level decision makers and embraces:

  • Development of strategic capability and a strategic approach to policy-making
  • Strategies for internal organisation and operations, or the delivery of outward-facing core organisational activities or public services
  • Strategies for both organisation-wide application or strategies specifically designed for a particular function such as IT, HR, procurement, finance, estates and property, marketing and communications

The framework also includes organisation and change management consultancy, again shaped for a broad range of organisations and with bespoke versions for healthcare and local government.

These arrangements provide advice on the development of appropriate solutions to support achievement of a new or existing business strategy - and continued support during the implementation of change in an advisory role, even if the change programme has been devised by others.

Other specialisms covered by the framework include:

  • HR consultancy
  • Procurement consultancy
  • Programme and project management consultancy
  • Marketing communications consultancy
  • Financial and economic consultancy
  • Accounting advice and services
  • Audit and assurance advice and services

For further information on services please visit our Framework Scopes page.