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Recruitment Services framework agreement extension - notice to customers

We are pleased to announce that the Recruitment Services framework agreement which was due to expire on 3 August 2011 has been extended for up to 12 months until 3 August 2012.

We recently undertook a price reduction exercise and customers will be able to continue to take advantage of these reduced indicative rates. Please note you will need to be logged on to the site to view these new rates.

This service provides both specialist and large volume recruitment services for permanent staff.

Specialists - the specialist service provides high quality individuals for niche job roles in disciplines such as IT, accountancy and project management.

Large volume - this service handles large scale recruitment needs on behalf of customers, dealing with diverse job roles from junior to senior levels, often at various locations around the country.

Key benefits of using the service

  • For specific recruitment requirements niche category suppliers provide the best solution
  • Quality not quantity dictates this type of supplier's view of the market and they have gained significant knowledge of their specialist sectors
  • They are able to advise customers as to the most cost efficient and effective recruitment activity
  • They are regarded as ‘best in class’ and have a significant track record in successful recruitment

How to use the service

  • You will need to be registered and logged on to the website to access all the information available
  • Use the left hand menu links or the images at the bottom of the page, to view the summary of the framework agreement and a list of all the suppliers plus more information about them.

Price reductions for the Recruitment Services framework agreement

As part of Buying Solutions’ commitment to achieve best value for money solutions for its customers and drive down rates,  the Professional Services team have negotiated reduced rates on the Recruitment Services framework agreement..

Suppliers on the Recruitment Services framework agreement were asked to reduce their indicative rates in December 2010, and customers can now take advantage of these new reduced prices, which are available on the Buying Solutions website(please note customers must be logged in to view this information). Over 80% of the suppliers on the framework agreement have now reduced their rates by up to 28%.

The new prices do not affect the further competition process and customers still have the opportunity to drive prices down using the further completion.

Further information can be found on the Recruitment Services webpage