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Project Management and Full Design Team Services

We teamed with Improvement & Efficiency South East (IESE) to provide a pan government framework agreement that supports public sector organisations in procuring project management, design and a number of ancillary technical services designed to assist in the delivery of a wide range of property projects on time, within budget and to a high specification.

This framework agreement supports the High Performing Property programme and offers a route to embedding Excellence in Construction (Latham Review).

The framework agreement offers:

  • Improved adoption of industry best practice
  • Increased commercial leverage
  • Greater choice and flexibility
  • Up to 12 industry supplier experts
  • Faster speed to market

This offering is accessible to any public sector body enabling the procurement of construction & property related consultancy services on any project of any value.

Please access the links below for further information.

For more information please contact:

Alison Lisett on 0151 672 2429, or email

Price reductions on Project Management and Full Design Team Services and Technical Assurance Services framework agreements 

Our Property Solutions team have negotiated price reductions with the majority of suppliers on these framework agreements. This move helps to ensure that our framework agreements continue to represent value for money and provide a competitive, cost-effective option to the public sector. 

Approximately 75% of suppliers on these framework agreements have reduced their rates, with reductions of up to 45% from the original tendered fees on the Project Management and Full Design Team Services framework agreement, and up to 35% on the Technical Assurance Services framework agreement.

Revised fee schedules are now available on the website (customers must be logged in to view these rates).