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IT Managed Services

The IT Managed Services framework agreement provides public sector organisations with access to a wide range of IT services.

Developed in consultation with our public sector customers, the framework agreement has been structured so that IT services can be efficiently procured, while standard terms and conditions provide the important contractual safeguards you need.

Products and Services

The IT Managed Services framework agreement caters for all sizes of customer estates, providing the following IT services as part of a managed service: 

  • Managed ICT estates - including the management of servers, desktop and laptop PCs, mobile computing devices and peripherals - services to allow end users to manage all aspects of their computer estate which include monitoring, reviewing and refresh of infrastructure to ensure compatibility with all hardware and software
  • Business Continuity / Disaster recovery services
  • Data centre provision
  • Managed data hosting - services for hosting of end user applications and data on a host’s servers removing the need to manage a customer’s own network and applications. All applications and data are on the host’s servers and accessed via the internet from any location, at any time using any type of computer internet access device.  
  • Network Services as part of an overall managed service
  • Systems integration delivered as part of an overall managed service
  • Print services as part of an overall managed service
  • Maintenance contracts – third party maintenance contracts / maintenance of hardware and software as part of a managed service
  • Remote access services - services (hardware and software) to enable users to connect to tools or information that reside on a network of IT devices.
  • IT service desk facilities – on site / remote service desk support
  • Asset management services - services that keep inventory, track of hardware and    software assets and licenses.

The above can be delivered as stand alone service offerings through to a fully outsourced IT services provision.


The framework agreement gives you ready access to a wide range of suppliers all of whom have a proven track record.   By accessing services through the IT Managed Services framework agreement, you enjoy the additional benefits of:

  • A fast, efficient, EU-compliant route to market
  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Expert advice and guidance on using the framework agreement
  • Operational support
  • Provision of Management Information
  • Benchmarking activity to ensure continued value for money
  • Supplier management and audit
  • Shared information on best practice

How do I access the framework agreement?

For framework agreement details please access the following link.

Customers can utilise the Further Competition / Invitation to Quote (ITQ) facility on our website.