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Telecom Networks

This service provides access to a comprehensive range of high quality telecoms products and services.

Telecom Networks is aimed at customers with a specific, defined, network requirement who wish to specify and procure items such as voice calls, individual circuits, specific technology or detailed bandwith or connectivity, broadband access and/or associated ISP services.

This service includes:

  • Voice calls and lines – including voice call packages, voice minutes, line rental, premium rate numbers, 118 enquiries and Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Point-to-point circuits – leased and private lines for voice and data
  • Infrastructure and connectivity network infrastructure and private circuits 
  • Dark fibre – virtually unlimited, affordable bandwidth to own or lease, for high-speed inter-site connectivity, multi-site operation, remote file mirroring
  • Connectivity to the kerb – services for copper and fibre supply to the roadside
  • ISP services – for internet access and connectivity including broadband and teleworker packages, email and web access, control and security, and hosting and co-location
  • Wireless data infrastructure – including licensed and unlicensed wifi, wimax, satellite broadband and mobile wireless data services
  • Enhanced Government Telephony Preference Service (EGTPS)  – giving preferential access for essential users in extreme congestion or emergency conditions
  • Structured cabling – provision of data cabling and local area networks within buildings and campuses
  • 3rd party maintenance – for telecoms infrastructure and equipment
  • Network analysis and billing audit services – for commercial and technical network and usage analysis
  • Networking equipment – networking and telephony equipment and components

Key benefits of using the service

  • Compliant with security guidelines for Next Generation Networks (NGN) giving you extra reassurance
  • Full supplier management programme
  • Available right now because all the up-front time and cost of procurement has already been taken care of by Buying Solutions
  • A diverse range of suppliers have been appointed, including Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) through to multi-nationals

Who would buy the service?

Anyone in the public sector can use this service, from the smallest school to the largest government department.

How to use the service

  • You will need to be registered and logged on to the website to access all the information available
  • Use the left hand menu options or the image at the bottom of the page, to view a summary of the framework agreement and a list of all the suppliers plus more information about them

Further information on the service can be found in the categories area of the website.