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The Government Secure intranet (GSi) is a managed service offered by Buying Solutions, and delivered through a partnership with Cable & Wireless UK.

GSi is a service dedicated to providing a value-for-money and a fully managed telecommunications solution to public sector organisations and their private sector partners.

It provides a secure route for electronic communications between connected organisations, and onward secure communication to other networks including the criminal justice, police and NHS networks. Organisations can also choose between different types of connection depending on their needs.

Key benefits of using the service

Among the many features and benefits offered are:

  • A range of GSi communities for each customer to choose from
  • Service and contract management
  • First class products and services from a market-leading supplier
  • Transparent cost structure, enabling customers to set firm, achievable budgets
  • Full compliance with EU procurement directives
  • Benchmarking against the market
  • Consistent standards of service through rigorous service level agreement (SLA) implementation, with continuous monitoring of fault management, service provision and customer satisfaction

Who would buy the service?

Membership is open to government departments, their agencies, non departmental public bodies and local authorities, as well as private sector organisations delivering secure services to GSi-connected public sector organisations.

How to use the service

  • You will need to be registered and logged on to the website to access all the information available
  • Use the left hand menu options or the images at the bottom of the page to view more information
  • Download the GSi leaflet from the publications page

Important notice

Further to negotiations conducted in 2008, the GSi framework agreement has been extended until August 2011 with provision for individual customer contracts under this framework to expire up to six months after this date, so services to customers can be delivered until February 2012.