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esourcingborder.jpgThe eSourcing Services framework agreement will expire on 13 October 2011

 After careful consideration it has been decided not to renew this framework. A procurement is currently being undertaken to provide a new central eSourcing platform, which will include contract and supplier management modules. The new platform is required to support the procurement activities of Government Procurement Service and its customers and the contract is due to be awarded in November 2011.

In the meantime, we are also considering alternative options for non-Central Government customers. If you require immediate eSourcing services, new contracts can be awarded up until the framework’s expiry date, in line with the terms and conditions. You can call off a direct order or run a further competition.


Our eSourcing Services framework agreement provides you with access to a suite of secure web-based tools designed to assist you, your stakeholders and suppliers throughout the procurement lifecycle, from requirements definition and tendering through to effective contract management. 

eSourcing Services are available either as separate stand-alone modules, as a suite of interoperable tools to support the sourcing and contract management activities or in any variation as an integrated combined service to suit individual customer needs. 

The five eSourcing Services elements are:

  • eTendering
  • eEvaluation
  • eContract Management
  • eVendor Management
  • eAuctions

Additional services in the form of consultancy, training and extended helpdesk support are also available to assist you with the introduction and use of the eSourcing service and any change management activities you may wish to consider as a consequence.

The framework agreement which came into effect on 14 April 2009 runs for 18 months and will be delivered by three service providers:

  • BravoSolution
  • European Dynamics
  • EUS Holdings Limited