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The Supply of Printing Papers

paper2.jpgImportant changes to the RM655 Printing & Copier Papers framework agreement:

As part of the Efficiency and Reform Group, Government Procurement Service are supporting the Centralised Procurement (CP) Programme for Office Supplies and Print & Print Management.   

Government Procurement Service is ensuring that its current framework agreement for both Printing & Copier Papers is fully aligned to support the emerging strategies from the CP Programme. 

Therefore it is proposed that Government Procurement Service will:

  • extend the current RM655 Printing & Copier Paper framework agreement, which was due to expire on 31st August 2011 for a period of six months; the new expiry date will be 31st March 2012;
  • the extended RM655 framework agreement will be for the provision of Printing Papers only; all office and copier papers (i.e. photocopier and desktop printer papers)  currently available on RM655 will be removed from the framework from midnight on 1st September 2011;  
  • Central Government’s office and copier paper requirements will be covered post 1st September 2011 by the new Government Office Supplies Contract;
  • Wider Public Sector organisations office and copier paper requirement will be covered post 1st September 2011 by the current Government Procurement Service Office Supplies framework agreement (RM781).

October 2011 Printing Paper Price review

All registered customers will receive a communication 28/29th September on the outcome on the review, revised price lists will be available for registered customers shortly.

Central Government customers please access here for Copier Paper All other wider public sector customers please access here for Copier Paper
This is for central government departments currently using the RM655 framework agreement for Copier Paper only (including their executive agencies and non-departmental bodies).

This is for all other wider public sector customers currently using the RM655 framework agreement for Copier Paper only.


The Printing Papers framework agreement continues the work of its predecessor in stimulating the market for the production of recycled paper and introduces virgin fibre stocks delivered from sustainable sources.

This framework agreement has been developed in close collaboration between Government Procurement Service and major stakeholders including DfT, DCLG and DEFRA to deliver recycled paper stocks that meet central government’s mandate to all departments to use recycled paper under the Government’s Quick Wins initiative, and is recommended to the wider public sector as best practice. It also offers virgin fibre papers that comply with the new Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade (FLEGT) timber procurement policy, which requires wood or products containing wood purchased for the Government estate to come from legal and sustainable sources with onus on suppliers to demonstrate. For further information on the timber policy, please see the Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET) website.

The framework agreement has been designed with stakeholders, public sector customer interests and legal requirements at its heart. It has integrated best practice recommendations to shape an offering that delivers a set of products that are not only fit for purpose but will promote, develop and further expand the market to meet the demands for printing paper. Products and services used by central government departments and the wider public sector for such things as publicity, campaign print material, publications and printed stationery. Designed specifically to meet the needs of public sector customers, the framework agreement allows requirements to be called off quickly and offers recycled papers for a range of uses.

The revised scope of this arrangement from 1st September 2011 will include:

  • Recycled fibre coated printing papers
  • Recycled fibre uncoated printing papers
  • Virgin fibre coated printing papers
  • Virgin fibre uncoated printing papers

The minimum recycled content is now 75% for coated and uncoated printing papers.

If you have a generic printing paper requirement why don’t you consider pooling your demand with other organisations to benefit from economies of scale? Regular aggregated eAuctions are being held in this category so please follow this link to find out more and express your interest.

Important notice

Please be aware that customers need to register to the paper framework first before they can receive prices lists from the Paper Merchants.  The ITQ portal should only be used for orders of 25 tonnes or above, ex mill. Please visit the Framework Details page for further information.