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Why Join

If you are looking for a career that offers expanding opportunities in a stimulating, friendly environment where personal development is actively encouraged, then Government Procurement Service could be the right move for you.

We aim to offer attractive salaries with an excellent package of benefits giving you greater control over your work/life balance.

We take our responsibilities as an employer seriously and believe our vision for the business is best delivered by motivated, well informed staff who are given a clear direction and understanding of the business strategy.

What to expect

You will be looking for a career with an organisation that is dynamic and confident about itself and its future. We can deliver this. You will want to be sure that your own efforts and initiative will be recognised and rewarded. This fits exactly with our corporate philosophy and the culture throughout the organisation.

You will expect to achieve challenging objectives, many of which you would set yourself. You will want to work alongside colleagues with similar principles who, like you, recognise that job satisfaction results when a balance is achieved between commitment to work and team. We actively encourage the spirit of this approach and aim to recruit people who will build on this ethos.

As an Investor in People we will work with you to develop your career in a structured way, encouraging you to achieve recognised qualifications, learn new skills and fulfil your true potential.