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Economic impact assessment tool

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The green economy is vital to the economic recovery of the country. The domestic sustainable energy sector is a key component of this and has a significant impact on the economy nationally and locally. Our economic impact assessment model gives quantitative evidence on how various initiatives can affect this, so you can create a robust economic case for new and continued funding for sustainable energy interventions.

Our economic impact analysis provides robust quantitative evidence of the economic impact of current or potential energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes and policy including direct sales created, Gross Value Added and jobs created and safeguarded.

If you have a specific scheme in mind, or if you want to evaluate a scheme that’s already been completed, this tool can help you. The model also generates estimates for carbon emissions and energy consumption reductions and financial savings based on the UK housing stock. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with Area Based Approach analysis, but can also be used to analyse Feed-in Tariff schemes.

Consultancy services

We can carry out the following tasks to support your proposals:

  • provide economic impact analysis of domestic sector retrofit proposals
  • create a robust economic case for investment
  • quantify the direct and additional effects down the supply chain of sustainable energy schemes and policies
  • compare the GVA and jobs created through different energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies
  • compare the economic impacts of applying different measures to different housing types

We can also analyse your region to complement the findings of economic impacts analysis, to produce:

  • an analysis of specific jobs created for different technology types
  • a review of sector skills gaps and training needs in your area.

When the analysis work is done, we can also:

  • deliver a workshop to present the findings
  • kickstart action
  • examine implications for your local area.

For more information contact  localdelivery@est.org.uk

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