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invitation to quote (ITQ)

Welcome to the Further Competition area of the website. Here customers are able to conduct further competitions electronically using the Capability Assessment (CA) tool that allows suppliers to deselect themselves from the competition process by indicating whether they are 'capable' or 'not capable' of meeting your requirement.

By determining the capability of the suppliers in a framework category before going to further competition, you can ensure that only the suppliers capable of meeting the requirement are invited to tender. This saves time for both the customer and the supplier.

We also have the Invitation to Quote (ITQ) system, which can be used once a CA has been completed or as a stand alone option.

Customers wishing to use the Invitation to Quote and Capability Assessment tools must first log into the website. If you do not have a login please register via the online registration form.

Alternatively, Customers may wish to take part in our fully managed aggregated eAuctions programme.