Saving energy from lighting

Whether you rent or own, and whatever kind of home you have, cutting your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money in the home.

Lighting products

Go to this section for information about the wide range of Energy Saving Trust Recommended CFL, LED and halogen lamps and luminaires available, plus answers to your lighting FAQ.

Lighting output and colour

Does it mean what it says on the box? We explain the terminology for lighting.

Energy-saving light bulbs take over

Most of the 600 million light bulbs in UK homes are still inefficient tungsten filament bulbs. By phasing out these inefficient bulbs, we could make a real difference to our national energy consumption. Find out more about what's happening and why it matters.

Lighting FAQ

We answer some common queries - and dispel some popular myths - about energy-saving lightbulbs.