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A summary of the cableway installations regulations 2004

Cableway installations - cable cars, funicular railways and drag lifts such as skitows - are subject to the Cableway Installations Regulations 2004. The Regulations implement in the UK the provisions of European Community Directive 2000/9, the two fundamental objectives of which are passenger safety and the creation of a single market ensuring the free movement of cableway components.

The regulations are available via the web site of the Stationery Office at:

The Regulations apply to new or modified cableway installations put into service since 3 May 2004 (the date on which the Regulations came into force) and to subsystems and safety components which comprise those installations. One of the most significant provisions of the Regulations is to require all new or modified installations to be authorised - at two distinct stages - by the Secretary of State for Transport. In order to assist the Secretary of State in his consideration of applications for authorisation, the Department is taking steps to appoint independent experts to provide advice under contract.

The Regulations also stipulate the conditions governing the manufacture and sale of cableway subsystems and safety components, which must be assessed by a notified body before they can be 'placed on the market' by manufacturers or their representatives. These assessment procedures are specified in the Schedules to the Regulations. Although there are at present no Notified Bodies in the UK, the European Commission maintains a list of Notified Bodies that are competent to undertake assessments anywhere within the European Union. This list can be consulted on the Internet at:

Responsibility for enforcing the Regulations lies with the Health and Safety Executive, who have powers to prohibit or restrict the use of installations, subsystems and safety components which they consider to be unsafe.

DfT will be producing guidance on the Regulations, as well as a guidance note aimed at operators of cableways explaining the processes involved in obtaining authorisations for new or modified installations. These documents will be placed on this web site as soon as they are ready.