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LOCATE: register with us

LOCATEIf you are a British national, and travelling or living abroad, or planning to do so, use our LOCATE service to tell us. Our embassy and crisis staff can then give you better assistance in an emergency such as a tsunami or terrorist attack.

We are encouraging all British nationals travelling and living abroad to register with us on LOCATE, even for short trips.

Already registered and going on another trip? Simply, login and update your LOCATE account and we’ll let the next British embassy know.

What are the benefits of registering with LOCATE?

  • if a major catastrophe occurs we’ll have an instant record of your details so we can contact you to make sure you’re OK and provide advice.
  • if family and friends need to get in touch with you we can help them to find you.
  • it only takes a few minutes to register your travel or residence information online and the local British Embassy will know you are coming. You do not need to contact them directly.
  • you only need to register for the service once and then update your account when you make a new trip abroad or change your country of residence. You can even add planned trips abroad up to a year ahead
  • LOCATE improves our ability to provide help in an emergency and reduce delay and worry in times of stress for family and friends at home.

What happens after I have registered?

We need you to provide us with some personal information so we can provide you with the best service possible. We treat this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act

I've already subscribed to the FCO's Online Services - is this the same thing?

No. LOCATE is designed specifically to help us assist British nationals in a crisis so it does not provide routine updates and is separate from the FCO email alerts service. If you are already subscribed to the FCO email alerts service, you will still need to register with LOCATE separately.

If you are having any difficulties with LOCATE or wish to report a fault Email the LOCATE team.

LOCATE and your personal information

How we use your information

LOCATE registration: FAQs

Answers to questions on log in details, telephone number formats and registering groups of travellers

Registering for LOCATE

Online registration form

Consular feedback

We welcome your feedback.

What you say is very important in deciding where we take action.

We have two online questionnaires. Please complete the one that is relevant to the assistance you received.


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