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Women, peace & security

United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace and Security was adopted unanimously by the Security Council in October 2000.

This landmark resolution recognised the disproportionate affect that conflict has upon women and underlined their vital role in preventing and resolving conflict.

The UK is a leading supporter of UNSCR 1325. We conduct advocacy and programmes in many of the world’s trouble spots, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Afghanistan, to promote a positive role for women. We are also working to drive international action through the UN, the EU and NATO.

UK National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security

To mark the anniversary, the UK has agreed a new National Action Plan to set out how the government will integrate Women, Peace and Security into our work on conflict. This includes specific action plans for priority countries such as Afghanistan and Nepal. The Plan is now available online.

UN Security Council Anniversary Debate

The UN Security Council will hold a debate on 26 October 2010 to mark the anniversary of UNSCR 1325. We will use the debate to build support for Women, Peace and Security issues and encourage other states to take action. We will also press for the adoption of UN indicators to track progress in this field.

We will continue to focus Security Council attention on this issue throughout the year.

UN Resolutions

  • UNSCR 1325 marked the first time the Security Council acknowledged the disproportionate effect of armed conflict on women and the lack of women’s contributions to conflict
  • UNSCR 1820 recognizes that sexual violence can impede international peace and security, and therefore requires a security response to protect girls and women from sexual violence during armed conflict
  • UNSCR 1888 urges Member states to implement strategies to halt the use of sexual violence as a tactic of war
  • UNSCR 1889 aims to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of UNSCR 1325

View these United Nations Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security here

UK national action plan

Women, peace & security

The UK has launched its national action plan on women, peace & security. Read the Executive Summary and download the plan here.