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Global issues

Counter proliferation

The spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) poses a threat to the UK and the international community, while indiscriminate trade in conventional arms and the use of certain types of weapons raises serious humanitarian and security concerns.

We're working around the world to promote and implement our policies on nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapon.

Missiles in Iran, AFP/Getty Images

Ten myths on Iran and nuclear issues

The UK and the international community have repeatedly expressed concern over Iran's nuclear programme. Read our article dispelling ten common myths.

Radioactive sign, AFP/Getty Images

Nuclear security

A terrorist attack using nuclear devices represents one of the most destructive risks to global security.

Chemical weapons

Singapore Armed Forces CBRE defense group soldiers during the Pacific Shield 2007, AFP/Getty Images

We're working to enforce the ban on chemical weapons through international treaties and conventions.

Biological weapons

Biohazard warning sign

Looking ahead to the BTWC Review Conference in December 2011.

Nuclear weapons

Mushroom cloud AFP/Getty Images

Read about the UK’s work on nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear security.

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Q&A: nuclear questions answered

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Q&A: nuclear questions answered

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