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United Nations, New York (Getty images)

Minister welcomes progress on Arms Trade Treaty

On 4 March, Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt said "A global Arms Trade Treaty has the potential to prevent human rights abuses, reduce conflict and make the world a safer place"

An anti-tank cluster bomb waits to be loaded aboard the USS Kearsarge in the Adriatic Sea, March 1999. MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Cluster bombs

A UK act banning the use, production and stockpiling of cluster munitions came into effect earlier this year.

Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

Pledges on a board during an Arms Trade Treaty event at the FCO, 15 June 2009.

The UK supports a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to curb the irresponsible trade and transfer of arms.

Cluster munitions

Cluster munitions, AFP

Unexploded ordnance from cluster munitions threatens the lives of civilians. Read about the Convention on Cluster Munitions here.

Conventional weapons

Unexploded bombs in Lebanon, AFP/Getty Images

The UK is working with other countries to build confidence, ensure security and reduce threats to civilians from conventional weapons such as small arms, light weapons and cluster munitions.

Controlling the export of weapons

Trainee holsters his pistol for a live-fire anti-piracy exercise in Israel, Getty Images

We're working to improve international standards of export controls for weapons.

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Arms control

Global issues

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