What should I do to make information available in a publication scheme?

Publication scheme

The Act requires public authorities to have an approved publication scheme, which is a means of providing access to information which an authority proactively publishes.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has developed and approved a model publication scheme that all public authorities must adopt.

The scheme:

  • sets out the types of information you must routinely publish;
  • explains the way you must provide the information;
  • states what charges you can make for providing information; and
  • commits your authority to providing and maintaining a guide to the information you provide, how you provide it and any charges.

All public authorities should have:

  • adopted the model publication scheme; and
  • produced a guide to information using either our definition documents or template guides to information.

To produce a guide to information, you should use:

  • the definition documents for main public sectors which give sector specific guidance on the type of information we would expect authorities to publish and list in their guide to information; or
  • the template guides to information for smaller authorities which are downloadable guides which can be printed off, completed and used without further modification. They have been produced for local councils, schools and NHS practitioners.

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