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Do eggs raise prostate cancer risk?

Friday Sep 30 2011

“Eating just three eggs a week increases chance of men getting prostate cancer,” reported the Daily Mail. The story went on to say that “experts in the US claimed that men who consume more than two-and-a–half eggs...

When is best to screen for bowel cancer?

Wednesday Sep 28 2011

The Daily Mail reported today that, “thousands of lives could be saved if the age at which men are screened for bowel cancer is lowered by 10 years.” This news story is based on a large Austrian study...

Costs of cancer treatments questioned

Tuesday Sep 27 2011

The Daily Mail has reported that doctors do not support giving life-extending drugs to patients with terminal cancer. The newspaper says that a new report has said the treatments “give false hope and are too costly for the public purse”...

New radiation drug for cancer tested

Monday Sep 26 2011

Several newspapers reported today on a new cancer treatment. The reports said that trials of the new radioactive treatment have been so successful they have been stopped early as it would have been unethical not to offer all the patients the treatment.

Glowing dye 'boosts cancer surgery'

Monday Sep 19 2011

Special fluorescent dyes may be able to improve survival after cancer surgery, The Guardian reported. In tests using the dyes, surgeons were able to identify and remove very small areas of cancerous cells in women with advanced ovarian cancer...

Important clues to chemo resistance found

Thursday Sep 15 2011

“Fish oils block chemotherapy drug,” BBC news has reported. The broadcaster said that tumours could become immune to treatment due to processes involving two fatty acids that are also produced by stem cells in the blood. This...

Long term painkiller use linked to cancer risk

Tuesday Sep 13 2011

“Painkillers triple the risk of kidney cancer,” reported the Daily Express. The newspaper reported that taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which includes ibuprofen...

'Crocus drug' studied for cancer

Monday Sep 12 2011

Many newspapers have reported today that a substance found in the autumn crocus, a flower native to Britain, has been turned into a “smart bomb” against cancer. The newspapers reported that the targeted treatment...

Engineered virus 'attacks cancer cells'

Thursday Sep 1 2011

The BBC reports that an “‘anti-cancer virus’ shows promise”, and that “an engineered virus, injected into the blood, can selectively target cancer cells throughout the body”. This news is based on research that used a...

Years spent obese increase health risks

Tuesday Aug 23 2011

The BBC News today reported that the “health hazards of obesity may have been grossly underestimated because we are not measuring the condition adequately”. Its website says that we should...

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