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Do eggs raise prostate cancer risk?

Friday Sep 30 2011

“Eating just three eggs a week increases chance of men getting prostate cancer,” reported the Daily Mail. The story went on to say that “experts in the US claimed that men who consume more than two-and-a–half eggs...

Coffee drinkers 'less likely to be depressed'

Tuesday Sep 27 2011

“Women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to get depressed,” said the BBC today, explaining that the caffeine in coffee may alter the brain’s chemistry.

Low blood sugar 'affects food cravings'

Tuesday Sep 20 2011

“'Good' sugar is the secret to a slim figure,” according to The Daily Telegraph. The newspaper says that a new study has found that when our blood sugar levels drop we lose our ability to control desire and feel an increased urge to eat.

Does coffee cut stroke risk?

Monday Sep 19 2011

“Two cups of coffee every day ‘may cut stroke risk’,” reported the Daily Mail. It said that “a comprehensive analysis of the health benefits of coffee has confirmed it can have a powerful preventative effect against one of Britain’s biggest killers”.

Eating chocolate is not exercise

Thursday Sep 15 2011

Many newspapers overreacted to a story on chocolate today. “Dark chocolate may be as good for health as exercise,” reported the Daily Mirror. “Chocolate gives you a workout,” claimed the Daily Express.

Pregnancy allergy claims unfounded

Friday Sep 9 2011

“Mothers-to-be can reduce the chances of their babies developing food allergies by eating a diet rich in oily fish and nuts”, The Daily Telegraph has today claimed. The newspaper says that researchers found...

Bread 'often high in salt'

Friday Sep 2 2011

“Popular loaves of bread contain as much salt in every slice as a packet of crisps and some are as salty as seawater,” The Daily Telegraph has today reported. These estimates are based on a survey...

Mice fed yoghurt 'less depressed'

Thursday Sep 1 2011

Bacteria found in yoghurt could stave off depression, according to the Daily Mail. The newspaper says that “good” bacteria found in the dairy product have the potential to alter brain chemistry and may help in...

Does chocolate protect the heart?

Tuesday Aug 30 2011

“Eating high levels of chocolate could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke,” reported BBC news. According to the broadcaster, a study has found that the highest levels of chocolate consumption...

Cholesterol-lowering diet trialled

Wednesday Aug 24 2011

“Eating more nuts and oats – rather than simply avoiding fatty foods – could boost efforts to reduce cholesterol,” the Daily Mail has reported. The news comes from a six-month trial examining the...

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