Guest Editorial September 2011

Michelle MelloThe guest editorial for September has been written by Michelle Mello, National Implementation Director - Energise for Excellence and Regional Modernising Nursing Careers Lead, who presented on the topic Energise for Excellence Call to Action during the Expert on Call on 15th Sepember 2011.  Follow this link to hear the recording of the session.




Energise for Excellence Call to Action

Michelle is a nurse with over 25 years’ experience of working in the NHS in a variety of roles.  This has included clinical, management, commissioning, strategic and executive level experience. Michelle also worked in an academic post at Warwick Diabetes Care, University of Warwick and is an Honorary Associate Professor at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick.

Currently Michelle works at NHS West Midlands where she is the national lead for Energise for Excellence and regional lead for Modernising Nursing Careers.

The current context

Energise for Excellence (E4E) provides nurses and midwives with the platform to share their achievements on both quality improvement and cost reduction. E4E brings together a range of tools, approaches and measures under one umbrella to help nurses and midwives make changes and ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Energise for Excellence (E4E) is a Call to Action to all nurses and midwives aimed at harnessing collective energy, commitment and expertise.  It is about mobilising nurses and midwives across the NHS to improve the quality of care and make the best possible use of resources.

 The vision is for at least 200,000 nurses and midwives to sign up to Energise for Excellence (E4E), take action and tell others their quality and cost saving stories.

You can find out more about E4E at or sign up as an E4E nurse/midwife at

Questions you might wonder about:

  • How can E4E help in delivering on quality and cost improvement?
  • What is involved in a Call to Action?
  • How does E4E link with existing quality improvement initiatives?
  • Why E4E is a nursing & midwifery led programme?
  • What is the role of senior leaders in E4E?
  • Where can I go to for information and support?

In addition to providing some responses to these key questions, this Webinar will look at how frontline staff have implemented E4E and share their stories.

What will I learn?

  • An understanding of the E4E framework
  • Examples of implementation of E4E and lessons learned
  • Sources of information, tools and support to implement E4E