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'Get flu jab now,' GPs urge those at risk

Tuesday Dec 21 2010

The flu vaccine has featured heavily in recent news, with reports that people are avoiding having the vaccine as they are concerned about its swine flu component. The British Medical Association (BMA) has written to the government, warning...

Beetroot juice probably not 'elixir of life'

Monday Dec 20 2010

“Drinking beetroot juice could help the elderly lead more active lives,” the Daily Mail reported. The newspaper called the juice “the elixir of life”, saying that it has been found to improve walking effort by 12%.

Effect of memory gene in Alzheimer's explored

Wednesday Dec 15 2010

“An injection that may stop Alzheimer’s in its early stages has been developed by scientists,” reported the Daily Mail. This news story was based on an animal study that looked at the process by which genes were...

Study finds Alzheimer's protein clue

Friday Dec 10 2010

“Alzheimer’s disease may result from slow clearance of amyloid protein in brain,” reported The Guardian. The research behind this news took 12 people with mild Alzheimer’s disease and 12...

Protein provides Alzheimer's clue

Monday Nov 29 2010

A gene therapy technique designed to ease the memory problems of Alzheimer's disease has been tested in rats, BBC News has reported. The website says that scientists took rats bred to have Alzheimer’s...

Ageing process 'reversed' in mice

Monday Nov 29 2010

“Scientists have managed to reverse the ageing process in a ‘landmark’ study,” reported the Daily Express. The newspaper said that research has shown that targeting the telomerase enzyme proved it is possible...

Diabetes drug for Alzheimer’s explored

Tuesday Nov 23 2010

“A common diabetes drug could be redeveloped as a new treatment for Alzheimer's,” reported the BBC. It said that researchers have discovered that metformin helps prevent the formation of “tau tangles...

Does tomato juice fight osteoporosis?

Friday Nov 19 2010

“Two glasses of tomato juice a day strengthens bones and can ward off osteoporosis,” The Daily Telegraph reported. It said scientists have found that an ingredient in the drink, called lycopene...

Study looks at 'anti-ageing' in mice

Friday Nov 19 2010

“A pill that could add decades to the average lifespan moved a step closer yesterday,” reported the Daily Express. It said that scientists have found an anti-ageing enzyme that protects cells from decay.

New laser treatment for cataracts

Thursday Nov 18 2010

“Laser treatment could make eye operations safer for the hundreds of thousands of elderly Britons who have cataract surgery each year,” the Daily Mail reported. The newspaper report is based on a study of...

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