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Elderly 'need alcohol and drug support'

Thursday Jun 23 2011

Medical experts have called for new approaches to tackle substance abuse in older adults, several newspapers have reported. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, many middle-aged and elderly adults have problems...

Hospital care for elderly scrutinised

Thursday May 26 2011

The Care Quality Commission has today published a series of reports on the quality of hospital care for the elderly in England. These reports, covering 12 hospitals from round the country, are the first in a series of 100 that...

Obesity in mid life linked to dementia

Tuesday May 3 2011

“Obesity in middle age increases the risk of dementia,” reported The Guardian. The newspaper reported that compared to people of normal weight during middle age, the risk of dementia later in life was around 80% higher...

Brain scans may detect future Alzheimer's

Thursday Apr 14 2011

“Brain scans may be able to indicate potential Alzheimer's patients years before symptoms appear,” BBC News has reported. The BBC says that a small study has found that some parts of the brain...

More genetic clues to Alzheimer's found

Monday Apr 4 2011

"Scientists have discovered five gene variants that raise the risk of Alzheimer's disease", reported The Guardian and many other newspapers today. The news report is based on several large and important...

Can saucepans cause early menopause?

Friday Mar 25 2011

“Gender-bending chemicals found in non-stick pans and food packaging are linked to early menopause,” reported the Daily Mail. It said researchers have found that perfluorocarbons (PFCs) are associated with...

UK life expectancy still rising

Friday Mar 18 2011

Britons are living longer than ever before despite concerns about obesity and health problems, according to the Daily Mail. Average life expectancy has soared to 80 years old, it reports - eight years higher...

Gene therapy tested for Parkinson's

Thursday Mar 17 2011

Gene therapy has been proven to work for Parkinson’s disease, The Independent has reported. A number of other newspapers also express the hope offered by the new procedure, which is intended...

Number of people with AMD predicted to rise

Wednesday Mar 16 2011

“UK experts are predicting a steep rise in the rate of an eye condition that is already a leading cause of blindness,” BBC News reported. It said that age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects more than 600,000 Britons...

Eating fish may fight AMD sight loss

Tuesday Mar 15 2011

“Tuna sandwiches 'could help prevent sight loss in old age,'” the Daily Mail has reported. The newspaper says that new research into the omega 3 fatty acids found in some types of fish show they may...

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