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Special report: Alzheimer's in the news

Friday Aug 12 2011

Alzheimer's disease is a major topic of health news stories, which regularly cover everything from potential cures to possible ways to prevent the disease in the first place. With an estimated 465,000 of cases of Alzheimer's disease in the UK...

Supplements: Who needs them? A special report

Tuesday May 31 2011

Millions of us take health supplements hoping to achieve good health, ease illness or defy ageing. But do they work? This report discusses the issues surrounding them and looks at some of the evidence for the most popular supplements.

Miracle foods: a special report

Tuesday Feb 1 2011

“Curry could save your life.” “Beetroot can fight dementia.” Every day there’s a new crop of seemingly life-changing headlines about how the food we eat affects our health. Read our special report on the supposed health properties of common foods.

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