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Glowing dye 'boosts cancer surgery'

Monday Sep 19 2011

Special fluorescent dyes may be able to improve survival after cancer surgery, The Guardian reported. In tests using the dyes, surgeons were able to identify and remove very small areas of cancerous cells in women with advanced ovarian cancer...

Glowing bandages 'could show infections'

Friday Sep 16 2011

Scientists are developing a “glowing bandage to treat infection”, The Guardian has today reported. The news is based on a new technique devised by researchers at the University of Sheffield, who are currently developing...

Does laughter increase tolerance to pain?

Wednesday Sep 14 2011

“Study reveals laughter really is the best medicine,” reports BBC news. Several newspapers covered this small study investigating the effect of laughter on pain tolerance. The study found that people...

Study tests slimming clubs

Thursday Sep 8 2011

“Weight-loss courses such as Weight Watchers should be used by the NHS as a weapon to tackle the obesity crisis,” according to the Daily Express. The story is based on research that found that overweight and obese...

Gene therapy treats immune disease

Thursday Aug 25 2011

Today it has been widely reported that gene therapy offers a long-term treatment for a rare condition that causes children’s immune systems to fail. In the rare condition, known as Severe Combined Immunodeficiency...

Warning over painkiller addiction

Thursday Aug 25 2011

“'Disaster' looms over addiction to painkillers” reported The Independent. This news story is based in part on a recent editorial published in the British Medical Journal, which discusses the rising use of opioid painkillers...

High blood pressure to be tested 'at home'

Wednesday Aug 24 2011

“Patients thought to have high blood pressure should have the diagnosis confirmed at home,” reported BBC News. Many newspapers covered the introduction of a new, more accurate way of diagnosing...

Gut defence mechanism discovered

Monday Aug 22 2011

“The way cells in gut fight off toxins produced by a hospital bug has been discovered,” BBC News has reported. In new research, scientists have shown that infection with the bacteria Clostridium difficile...

Can dogs sniff out lung cancer?

Thursday Aug 18 2011

“Dogs can be trained to identify the scent of lung cancer long before symptoms develop,” the Daily Mail has today reported. The newspaper said that “sniffer dogs can be relied upon to find the unique smell of the disease in...

Mosquitoes 'getting around bed nets'

Thursday Aug 18 2011

The Daily Telegraph reported today that “insecticide-treated bed nets, whose use is being widely promoted in Africa to combat malaria, may be linked to local resurgence of the disease”. The newspaper said that a...

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