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Pollution 'linked to heart attack risk'

Wednesday Sep 21 2011

“Traffic fumes can trigger heart attacks, say researchers,” The Guardian reported today. It said that “breathing in large amounts of traffic fumes can trigger a heart attack up to six hours after exposure”.

Eyelid marks 'sign of heart risk'

Friday Sep 16 2011

“Yellow markings on the eyelids are a sign of increased risk of heart attack and other illnesses,” reported BBC News. These markings, called xanthelasmata, are mostly made up of cholesterol and can be treated...

New genetic blood pressure links

Tuesday Sep 13 2011

“More than 20 new sections of genetic code have been linked to blood pressure,” BBC News has reported. The broadcaster says that until now there has been poor understanding of the genetic element of high blood pressure...

New TB vaccine investigated

Monday Sep 5 2011

A “new vaccine offers hope of a tuberculosis breakthrough”, reported The Independent today. The newspaper said that the existing vaccine against TB (the BCG vaccine) "provides some protection against childhood...

Does chocolate protect the heart?

Tuesday Aug 30 2011

“Eating high levels of chocolate could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke,” reported BBC news. According to the broadcaster, a study has found that the highest levels of chocolate consumption...

Bad sleep studied for blood pressure risk

Tuesday Aug 30 2011

Bad sleep ‘link to blood pressure risk’

“Poor sleep makes older men 80% more likely to develop high blood pressure,” reported the Daily Mirror. It said that a three-year study found that “men who spent less than 4% of their time in a deep slumber...

High blood pressure to be tested 'at home'

Wednesday Aug 24 2011

“Patients thought to have high blood pressure should have the diagnosis confirmed at home,” reported BBC News. Many newspapers covered the introduction of a new, more accurate way of diagnosing...

Cholesterol-lowering diet trialled

Wednesday Aug 24 2011

“Eating more nuts and oats – rather than simply avoiding fatty foods – could boost efforts to reduce cholesterol,” the Daily Mail has reported. The news comes from a six-month trial examining the...

Years spent obese increase health risks

Tuesday Aug 23 2011

The BBC News today reported that the “health hazards of obesity may have been grossly underestimated because we are not measuring the condition adequately”. Its website says that we should...

Delayed asthma attack clue

Wednesday Aug 17 2011

BBC News has reported that scientists have “stumbled on a potential new treatment for delayed asthma attacks”. Delayed attacks, also known as late asthmatic response (LAR), can occur several hours after...

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