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Could bone drug treat arthritis too?

Thursday Sep 22 2011

A jab that “can repair damaged joints could benefit millions crippled by osteoarthritis”, reported the Daily Express. The newspaper said that scientists have found that an existing drug called Forsteo, which is used...

Glowing bandages 'could show infections'

Friday Sep 16 2011

Scientists are developing a “glowing bandage to treat infection”, The Guardian has today reported. The news is based on a new technique devised by researchers at the University of Sheffield, who are currently developing...

Important clues to chemo resistance found

Thursday Sep 15 2011

“Fish oils block chemotherapy drug,” BBC news has reported. The broadcaster said that tumours could become immune to treatment due to processes involving two fatty acids that are also produced by stem cells in the blood. This...

Can vitamin B prevent Alzheimer's?

Wednesday Sep 14 2011

“A daily 10p vitamin pill could prevent millions of people being struck down by Alzheimer’s disease,” the Daily Express has today reported. In a front-page story the newspaper said that vitamin B can...

Long term painkiller use linked to cancer risk

Tuesday Sep 13 2011

“Painkillers triple the risk of kidney cancer,” reported the Daily Express. The newspaper reported that taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which includes ibuprofen...

Ibuprofen may ‘raise miscarriage risk’

Wednesday Sep 7 2011

“Women who take even a small dose of painkillers such as ibuprofen early in their pregnancy more than double their risk of suffering a miscarriage,” reported The Guardian.

New TB vaccine investigated

Monday Sep 5 2011

A “new vaccine offers hope of a tuberculosis breakthrough”, reported The Independent today. The newspaper said that the existing vaccine against TB (the BCG vaccine) "provides some protection against childhood...

Precautionary warning on Nurofen Plus

Friday Aug 26 2011

Many newspapers have reported today that some packets of Nurofen plus have been found to contain the wrong medicine. A warning has been issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Warning over painkiller addiction

Thursday Aug 25 2011

“'Disaster' looms over addiction to painkillers” reported The Independent. This news story is based in part on a recent editorial published in the British Medical Journal, which discusses the rising use of opioid painkillers...

New skin cancer drug approved

Monday Aug 22 2011

A new skin cancer drug has been approved for use in Europe, several newspapers have reported today. The drug, called ipilimumab (brand name Yervoy), has been dubbed a “wonder drug for skin cancer”...

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