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Study tests slimming clubs

Thursday Sep 8 2011

“Weight-loss courses such as Weight Watchers should be used by the NHS as a weapon to tackle the obesity crisis,” according to the Daily Express. The story is based on research that found that overweight and obese...

'Half of UK obese by 2030'

Friday Aug 26 2011

Many newspapers have reported that half of UK men could be obese by 2030 if trends continue. The Guardian said "governments around the world need to make immediate and dramatic policy changes to reverse a pandemic of obesity”.

Years spent obese increase health risks

Tuesday Aug 23 2011

The BBC News today reported that the “health hazards of obesity may have been grossly underestimated because we are not measuring the condition adequately”. Its website says that we should...

'New wonder pill' hard to swallow

Friday Aug 19 2011

The Daily Mail has today hailed “an all-in-one treatment that works against obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer”. The news is based on lab tests of a synthetic compound called...

Mixed opinions over fast food labels

Wednesday Jul 27 2011

“Calorie counts on menus prompt healthy choices,” BBC News has today reported, saying that US research has found it helps healthy eating “but only in a limited way”. The research involved a...

Is obesity a major cause of breast cancer?

Wednesday Jul 20 2011

“Obesity is the biggest driving force behind the most common form of breast cancer,”, BBC News has reported. Alcohol and then cigarettes are the next largest culprits, it added. The news is based on research...

Are sweets 'good for kids'?

Friday Jul 1 2011

“Sweets are ‘good for children and may stop them getting fat in later life’,” reported the Daily Mail. This news story is based on a US study that assessed the diet of more than 11,000 children and adolescents over 24 hours.

Diet, lifestyle and long-term weight gain

Thursday Jun 23 2011

“A simple way for people to stay slim without counting the calories has been discovered,” the Daily Express reported. It said that research suggested that instead of worrying about the amount of food we eat...

Nicotine 'obesity drug' needs more study

Friday Jun 10 2011

“Smokers will soon be able to stub out their habit – without having to worry about piling on the pounds,” reported the Daily Mirror. It said that “scientists have discovered how nicotine suppresses the appetite and could...

'No weight gain' from the pill

Thursday Jun 9 2011

“The popular belief that taking the Pill makes you pile on the pounds has been exposed as a myth by an expert in women’s health,” reported the Daily Express.

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