Finding Sanctuary is working with stakeholders to design Marine Conservation Zones in the seas around south-west England as part of a wider network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The goal of the MPA network is to safeguard our region's undersea habitats and marine life, and to help ensure the long-term sustainability of marine resources in the region.




A healthy future for the coast and seas

Where can I find what I need?

  • The Draft Final Recommendations report is now available read here. It is also available in five parts in to make it easier to download. This can be found in the RESOURCES section under the subheading Draft Final Recommendations . Please note that the report is a work in progress and as such is a partially completed report. It has not undergone the same degree of editing and error checking as previous progress reports. Three asterisks *** (or ### Hash signs) are used as in-text markers for sections that will need checking or cross-referencing during future editing. You will find details on which sections have been completed, to what extent and how sections were prioritised for completion on page 25.
  • For all other past progress reports and meeting reports please visit the Resources section of our website.
  • Who is your representative? Visit the Steering Group section.
  • Read our Third Progress Report here and download our Third Progress Report Summary here.
  • For a quick introduction to Finding Sanctuary and to find out about the progress that has been made to date in planning Marine Conservation Zones download our Short Guide to Finding Sanctuary.
  • Information on how decisions are being made and how we have engaged with our stakeholders can be found here
  • Our short Finding Sanctuary film offers you another way to learn about the project and to meet some of the stakeholders involved.
  • Download a Project timeline and meetings calendar.
  • To find out more about Finding Sanctuary and planning Marine Conservation Zones read on in the About Us section.
  • A note clarifying the difference between the Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Project and the ‘Your Seas, Your Voice campaign run by the UK charity for the protection of British seas, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) can be found here.

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