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Allocations of Land Development

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Allocations of Land Development Plan Document

We want to facilitate the delivery of the most needed types of development in the most suitable locations across the Lake District National Park.

The Allocations of Land Development Plan Document is a key part of our LDF. We are seeking to allocate sites for affordable housing and employment developments in those places which are consistent with the adopted Core Strategy. We will also be designating many important open spaces which should be protected from development.

Allocating land is only one way in which sites for affordable housing and employment developments can be identified and brought forward.

What if a site is not allocated?

If a site is not ultimately allocated, this does not necessarily mean that we would not support a development proposal on the site. We are always keen to discuss the merits of development proposals with anyone, and we will have regard to a wide range of factors such as location and the nature and scale of proposals. Development which is in accordance with our adopted development plan policies - the Core Strategy being the principal document - will normally be supported, unless there are other impacts which are material considerations that outweigh the benefits of a proposal.

If you would like advice on your proposals, please contact us. Details of the pre-application advice service we provide are available on the following web page: Contact us and planning surgeries

Timeline and key dates

The production of this document is ongoing. Due to the large number of sites being considered, and the need to assess every site in detail having regard to consultation responses, it is a time consuming process.

We intend to consult on a shortlist of proposed land allocations in September 2011. Please however check this page for updates on the allocations of land process.

What's new

The adopted Core Strategy states we will seek to allocate sites for affordable housing in our identified Rural Service Centres (see Policy CS02). It also states that in villages we may allocate sites for affordable housing where the identified need in that settlement is proportionately high.

We have produced an Allocations of Land DPD Technical Paper (Word document) to identify in which villages we will seek to allocate sites for affordable housing. The paper considers a wide range of detailed factors to establish whether, on balance, each village has a proportionately high need for affordable housing.

Whilst we may not be seeking to allocate sites in all villages identified in the Core Strategy, this does not imply that we would not support proposals for housing to meet local and/or local affordable needs in all villages. The allocations process is simply one of many ways in which we can support development proposals consistent with the Core Strategy policies.

What's happened so far?

We asked for people's opinions on the Issues and Options presented in May 2010 - for details look at 'Other useful documents' section below.

Further Issues and Options consultation findings report April 2011

Please take a look at this April 2011 report outlining comments received during the further issues and options consultation:

Issues and Options consultation findings report October 2010

Please take a look at this October 2010 report outlining comments received. To make things easier, we have broken down comments by Distinctive Area and by settlement:

Further Issues and Options consultation

During the Issues and Options consultation, a number of additional sites were suggested by landowners and members of the public. As such, we carried out a ‘Further Issues and Options’ consultation on these additional sites in November and December 2010.

Please note, no decisions have been made as to whether any of the suggested sites are suitable for allocation.

Other useful documents

Allocations of Land Report Appendices including maps

These allow you to view initial site options by settlement, which are under consideration:

The following files are extremely large as they contain a number of maps:

Allocations of Land Sustainability Appraisal

What's next?

Following this next stage of consultation we will make any necessary changes to the document. It will then be published in November 2011 and ultimately submitted to the Secretary of State in early 2012. This will mark the beginning of a formal independent examination into the soundness of the document.

We anticipate that the Lake District National Park Authority will be able to adopt the Allocations of Land Development Plan Document in November 2012.

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