Commercial expertise for local public bodies

Local Partnerships provides leading edge commercial expertise solely for the benefit of the public sector. Its mission is to enhance the quality of people’s lives by giving trusted, professional support to local public bodies to improve their ability to source and deliver high quality, cost-effective public services and infrastructure.

We are a 50-50 joint venture between the Local Government Association and HM Treasury providing a single source of commercial expertise and know-how for all local public bodies, including local authorities, health and social care agencies, police and fire authorities.

We were established to deliver long term value for the public sector by using our commercial skills to strengthen client side capability. We occupy a unique position as policy delivery partners for central and local government and act exclusively for and on behalf of the public sector freely sharing the intellectual property we develop through the publication of cutting edge guidance helping the sector deliver value and saving costs.

'The Right to Run' Event

Local Partnerships is proud to be involved with The Right to Run event taking place on the 8th September at Blackburne House, Liverpool.

‘The Right to Run’ is a one day event designed to provide practical support to public sector employees looking to create social enterprises and mutuals through spinning out existing services.

The Government has committed to giving public service employees the right to take over and run their services as social enterprise and mutual spin-outs. However, the journey to become a social enterprise is not without challenges and requires a clear vision, dedication and often a new set of skills and way of thinking.

The one day event will begin by exploring the motivations for establishing a social enterprise and go on to provide a route map of the journey, identifying the key steps in the process. The afternoon session will go into detail on the business planning process, followed by practical workshops on key elements of the process such as governance and legal structures, stakeholder engagement and financial planning.

For more details, including the programme, please see the following website.

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This event is done in partnership with Local Partnerships and NWIEP, and is sponsored by Local Government Group.

Collaborating for better value from property

Local Partnerships and Kier were commissioned by Sheffield City Council to be the catalyst for driving property asset management improvement across Sheffield, building on the collaborative work already carried out by the Public Sector Property Forum and contributing to the objectives of the Sheffield Executive Board.

13 local public bodies in Sheffield, managing over 1,100 assets worked collaboratively over 2 months with Local Partnerships and Kier Asset Partnership Services (KAPS). The Government Property Unit provided the link to the central government estate. While this programme of action was initially focused on Sheffield it has the advantage of being scalable beyond the city’s borders. The public sector agencies in Sheffield are harnessing their collective wish to rationalise assets to save money and improve customer experience. The momentum that has gathered pace during the course of this project now will be extended under the leadership of the Sheffield Executive Board.

The models discussed in this report set out arrangements that will enable the prize to be seized. We suggest that without fundamentally changing the way property is planned, managed and operated across local public service bodies, the full potential savings from aggregating spend and sharing properties and processes are unlikely to materialise. More

“Free” Gateway Reviewer Workshops

Local Partnerships has had feedback from partner Public Sector Bodies that training budgets are under increasing pressure during these difficult economic times, but that you would still like your staff to attend the Gateway Reviewer Training Course.  As a consequence, Local Partnerships is in a position to offer places on the Gateway Reviewer Workshops at no cost to public sector partners.

Similarly, if your Organisation would like to host a training day it will be free of charge for up to 16 delegates – we provide the experienced trainers and materials, you provide the facilities.

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If you would like to book or find out more about the benefits and content of the workshop please email Gateways or telephone 020 7296 6670