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Dairy industry skills given funding boost

Funding to help boost skills in the dairy industry was announced by Agriculture Minister Jim Paice today at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show at the Birmingham NEC. £176,000 will be invested in the dairy industry’s first Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme. In its first year it will set standards for attaining a specific level [...]

Page published: 6 September 2011 | News, Press releases

Environment regulations under the red tape spotlight

Businesses up and down the country are being invited to contribute ideas on how the Government can cut red tape and regulatory burdens without affecting its responsibilities to protect the environment.

Page published: 1 September 2011 | News, Press releases

Dogger Bank to get special marine protection

Over 12,000 square km of species rich sandbank, an area almost double the size of Devon, has become Britain’s latest marine protected area to safeguard important sea life and habitats.   The Dogger Bank is in the middle of the North Sea and crosses the offshore waters of the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.  The [...]

Page last modified: 31 August 2011 | News, Press releases

New video to help farmers reduce TB risks

Farmers will be able to access advice on reducing the risks of cattle contracting TB from wildlife through a new online video, released today.

Page published: 30 August 2011 | News, Press releases

Britain meets key CAP reform allies

Britain has held talks with Sweden and Denmark on how to make sure Europe radically reforms the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), ahead of the European Commission’s publication of proposals for change.

Page last modified: 29 August 2011 | News, Press releases

Appointments to the Natural England board

William Cockbain and Professor David Macdonald have been appointed to the Board of Natural England, the body responsible for enhancing and managing the natural environment, by Richard Benyon, Natural Environment and Marine Minister. William Cockbain and Professor Macdonald are appointed with effect from 1 October 2011 for three years. Each will receive a remuneration of £12,136 [...]

Page published: 26 August 2011 | Information Bulletins

Nature vital to our health, wealth and happiness

The true value of the UK’s wildlife and habitats has been revealed today in two research reports published by Defra. The reports estimate the wildlife covered by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is worth approximately £1.5 billion per year to the UK.

Page published: 23 August 2011 | Press releases

Launch of consultation on abolition of Inland Waterways Advisory Council

A consultation on the proposal to abolish the Inland Waterways Advisory Council (IWAC) has been launched by Defra.

Page last modified: 23 August 2011 | Information Bulletins

UK secures international agreement to combat illegal rhino trade

The UK has united the international community to clamp down on the illegal trade in rhino horn and fight the archaic myths that fuel the continued demand for rhino horn products.

Page last modified: 23 August 2011 | News, Press releases

New strategy to save and protect England’s Wildlife

A plan to create better habitats and join up the homes of some of England’s most iconic wildlife has been published today by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman. ‘Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services’ aims to halt the loss of England’s habitats and species, and follows up the groundbreaking global agreement reached [...]

Page published: 19 August 2011 | News, Press releases