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Effective competition has the potential to bring benefits in a range of water and sewerage services.

  • It is a key driver of efficiency and innovation, which will enable the water and sewerage sectors meet future challenges.
  • It can help deliver the Governments strategy, as set out in, ‘Future water’, for sustainable and secure water supplies and improving the water environment.
  • It has brought benefits in other utility sectors, including improved service and more choice for customers.
  • Regulation can be gradually withdrawn as markets become more competitive.

While most customers currently receive water and sewerage services from monopoly companies, there are increasing opportunities for companies to compete for customers in these sectors. If you are interested in providing water and sewerage services, or are an existing provider, you can find out more about how to join the market, and how competition is regulated.

Supplying water and sewerageMonitoring competition

If you are a customer who would like to switch water or sewerage supplier, or are interested more generally in competition and how it works, you can find out more about the two forms of competition.

Water supply licensingNew appointments

We are currently working on a programme of market reform. As part of this work, we contributed to the Government’s independent review of competition and innovation in water markets, led by Professor Martin Cave.

Our future challenges section sets out the work we will be carrying out to prepare the water and sewerage sectors for the challenges we now face.

Competition reform

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