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Household Reward and Recognition Scheme

What the reward and recognition scheme is about

Defra is making limited funding available to local authorities and civil society organisations to introduce or trial new schemes that reward or recognise people or communities for adopting positive behaviours towards managing their waste.

By making this funding available Defra wants to strengthen the evidence base of the environmental and financial costs and benefits of rewarding householders, and to make this information available to local authorities and others to help inform their choices locally.

Who is eligible to apply

Local authorities and civil society organisations.

How can applications be made

Those who wish to apply should complete the application form and send it to

Further information can be found in the following:

Deadline for applications

Applications should be submitted by 17:00 on 26 July 2011.

We understand that Local Authorities may find it challenging to submit applications in the first part of the financial year. However, we also recognise that early allocation of funding is desirable, as it allows more time for money to be spent over the financial year.


The Government recognises that progress with increasing recycling has been in the right direction but wants to go further and faster in terms of driving up recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste for disposal.

The Government believes that it is better to reward householders for doing the right thing with their waste than to penalise them for doing the wrong thing. It is therefore encouraging councils to reward people who recycle their waste. We know that reward and recognition can motivate people to take action.

Rewards could include financial rewards, eg. vouchers, donations to charities, cash or discounts on goods and services and recognition, for instance, could include personalised feedback about how much a household has recycled or a letter about how donating an item for reuse has helped the local community.

The scheme will support Local Authorities and other organisations which want to try out new schemes that could be self sustaining and will not cost them money. We want to ensure that lessons learned from these schemes can be shared with other organisations. A support package of £500K is available for such schemes for 2011/12 and it there may be further funding available in future years.

Some schemes already operating or about to launch are rewarding people for doing the right thing. For example, the Recyclebank scheme that operates in Windsor & Maidenhead and in Halton, or the London Green Points scheme due to launch in Bexley in summer 2011 are good examples of how people can be rewarded for doing the right thing.

Page last modified: 12 June 2011