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Environment regulations under the red tape spotlight

Businesses up and down the country are being invited to contribute ideas on how the Government can cut red tape and regulatory burdens without affecting its responsibilities to protect the environment.

Page published: 1 September 2011 | News, Press releases

Appointments to the Natural England board

William Cockbain and Professor David Macdonald have been appointed to the Board of Natural England, the body responsible for enhancing and managing the natural environment, by Richard Benyon, Natural Environment and Marine Minister. William Cockbain and Professor Macdonald are appointed with effect from 1 October 2011 for three years. Each will receive a remuneration of £12,136 [...]

Page published: 26 August 2011 | Information Bulletins

Appointments to Defra’s Science Advisory Council

Professor Christopher Gilligan has been appointed as Chair of Defra’s Science Advisory Council by Lord Henley. Seven other members have been appointed to the Council.

Page published: 18 August 2011 | Information Bulletins

Encouraging green growth: Government and businesses working together

Further steps on the path to a green economy that Government and businesses can take have been published today in order to make further progress towards strong sustainable growth.

Page last modified: 18 August 2011 | News, Press releases

Reform of town and village greens registration system

Defra has today launched a consultation on proposals for reforming the registration system for town and village greens. The Government recognises that village greens play an important part in community life and England’s heritage. The proposals in this consultation will not prevent the protection of any existing registered greens and any changes to the registration [...]

Page last modified: 17 August 2011 | Information Bulletins

Next steps to tackle bovine TB in England

Measures to tackle the devastating effect of bovine tuberculosis in England were announced by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman today.

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New chair for the Gangmasters Licensing Authority

Margaret McKinlay has been appointed Chair of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).

Page last modified: 17 August 2011 | Information Bulletins

Defra appoints Non Executive Directors

The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has appointed Sir Tony Hawkhead and Paul Rew as Non-executive Directors to the Department.

Page published: 6 July 2011 | Information Bulletins

New rules mean it will be easier and cheaper to travel abroad with pets

It will become cheaper and easier to travel abroad with pets when new rules are introduced at the start of next year.

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Game Set and Match to Strawberry Scientists

Come rain or shine British strawberries will continue to star at Wimbledon thanks to a Defra-funded project to develop a climate change resistant variety.

Page last modified: 17 August 2011 | News, Press releases