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There are several ways to contact Wildlife Management and Licensing.

General and licensing enquiries : Tel: 0845 601 4523 (Local rate) or email:

General enquiries regarding problems with bats please contact Batline: (7kb)pdf document.
For bat licensing enquiries: Tel: 0845 601 4523 (Local rate) or email:

To report suspected wildlife poisoning incidents only Tel: 0800 321 600, see Suspected wildlife poisoning.


Wildlife Management and Licensing is located mainly in Bristol. Please note that the Bristol Unit has recently relocated, see new address below. Additionally local advisors are available throughout the country.


Wildlife Licensing Unit
Natural England, First Floor, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol  BS1 6EB
Tel: 0845 601 4523 (local rate)
Fax: 0845 601 3438

Main work areas:

  • birds (including geese, swans, waterfowl) causing crop damage or risks to public health or air safety
  • fish-eating birds causing damage to fisheries
  • licences to facilitate development which affects bats or great crested newts
  • interference with badger setts to prevent damage, facilitate agriculture, forestry and drainage operations and preventing the spread of disease
  • licences to interfere with badger setts to facilitate development
  • management advice to resolve problems caused by deer
  • management advice in relation to rabbits and investigations of complaints regarding rabbit damage to agricultural land
  • licences involving non-native mammals 
  • licences to undertake survey and monitoring work
  • licences to carry out conservation projects
  • licences to carry out scientific research
  • licences to allow volunteers to visit bat roosts for conservation purposes.


We welcome your feedback on this website.

If you wish to provide general feedback on our licensing service please complete this form: (229kb)word document, if you have specific feedback in relation to European Protected Species Mitigation Licensing, please complete this form: (235kb)word document and email it to:


Please see Natural England's complaints procedure.