The Department for Education has confirmed the data source for children’s workforce data for 2011/12.
Ministers are considering the recommendations made by the Munro review but also recognise the need for data collection this year to help benchmark performance, facilitate improvement and promote accountability.

The SSDS001 collection for the children’s workforce will no longer be required. Following Professor Munro’s final report the Government has announced it will respond by the summer informed by an Implementation Working Group. Consideration with the sector will need to be given to the overall burden of collecting/reporting and how locally standardised data might work. It is essential that the right data is collected to ensure it reflects a reliable picture of what is happening on a local and national level. The work is developmental so for 2011/12, the Department is asking local authorities to continue to make a voluntary return of the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) in respect of the children’s workforce between 12 September and 7th October 2011. While further work will aim to ensure any final data requirements meet the needs of the sector we will be working with partners to support local authorities with a full or partial NMDS-SC return.

Skills for Care are running workshops for local authorities over the summer to support the collection of NMDS-SC, contact them by email (see below) for more information.

We have identified a number of fields within the NMDS-SC that we believe would support the direction of data collection in the future and together would build a picture to support workforce planning this year:

Organisational level 

Sector (Establishment Type)
Main Service
Total Staff
Total Staff by Job Role and Employment Status
Number of vacancies (on day of completion) by job role
Number of leavers (in previous 12 months) by job role 

Worker variables 

Worker identifier
Main Job Role
Sickness (Days off sick in previous 12 months)

Additional guidance and information about completing NMDS-SC is available through the National Minimum Data Set website.

Contact details

National Minimum Data Set for Social Care
Telephone: 0845 873 0129

Skills for Care