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Our work has at its heart the Foreign Policy Priorities agreed by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary in July 2010 of promoting Britain’s enlightened national interest in a changing world.

We will pursue an active and activist foreign policy, working with other countries and strengthening the rules-based system in support of our values to:

Keep Britain safe

We tackle new threats effectively and at source. By acting beyond our borders, we are better able to
defeat the terrorism that threatens our homeland, prevent nuclear proliferation, and prevent the harm to the British  people and our economy caused by conflict.

Make Britain prosperous

We promote growth and jobs at home by pursuing export and investment opportunities
abroad, especially with the powers that will shape the world economy in the 21st century.

Support British nationals overseas

Our trained, expert staff has the local knowledge that British nationals can call upon in times of distress. The work that often grabs the headlines is our crisis response. But much of the work of the FCO is assisting with individual tragedies out of the glare of media attention. We help British nationals keep themselves safe and focus our assistance on the most vulnerable in the greatest distress.

Our priorities

Foreign Secretary William Hague

Pursuing an active and activist foreign policy, working with other countries and strengthening the rules-based international system in support of our values.

Services we deliver

We provide services to British nationals and businesses through our global network

How we spend our budget

HM Treasury

Find out how we spend our budget to ensure a safer, more prosperous UK

Working in partnership

Working in Partnership

We're building strong relationships, making progress towards common goals with formal and informal stakeholder groups and communities in the UK and overseas

Working with the Overseas Territories

Working with Overseas Territories

The UK's 14 Overseas Territories, spread throughout the globe, are diverse communities.

Public diplomacy

Cameron Public diplomacy

Find out how the FCO works with the public overseas to achieve its goals.


Protocol Directorate provides guidance to Diplomatic Missions & International Organisations within the UK. It also administers the Diplomatic Service & Overseas Honours List.


girl with computer in china (Getty Images)

Information about scholarships funded by the FCO.

On the web

A quick guide to our websites and various social media channels

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