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Travel & living abroad

Staying safe and healthy

For UK citizens about to travel or live abroad, we have practical tips on staying safe, secure and healthy, and avoiding problem situations.

Sometimes, it’s to do with commonsense precautions – like arranging the right vaccinations and travel insurance. Sometimes, we have more specialist advice – like how to keep yourself informed about the risks of terrorism in the country you’re going to.  

The essential travel checklist

Make sure you read our travel checklist before you go away - it's got everything you need to know for staying safe and healthy abroad!

Take our number with you!

Find out why it's a good idea to always make a note of the nearest embassy's phone number when you're abroad.

Travel checklist

A useful checklist for before you go and while you are away to ensure your trip abroad is hassle-free

Locate: register with us

LOCATE: register with us

Sign up for our consular registration service so that we can find you in the event of an emergency

Travel Health

Stay healthy when you’re abroad with advice on what to do before and during your trip

Travel insurance advice

European Health Insurance Card

Travel insurance advice about the cover you need: health and medical, cancellations, personal liability, accident, possessions and more.

Driving abroad

Don’t drive abroad unprepared - read our advice on insurance, break down cover, accidents and car hire.

Travel money

Keep your money safe from loss or theft when you’re abroad

Eat and drink safely

Advice on eating and drinking safely to avoid illness whilst abroad. There is also information on personal food imports

Tropical cyclones

Advice on how to stay safe in a tropical cyclone or hurricane season


Travel advice on the terrorist threat in each country. And learn how to minimise the risk of being a victim of terrorism abroad

Sea and river safety including piracy

Tourists enjoying a beach holiday. Photo by Getty Images.

Information on beach safety and river & sea travel

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