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Contracts & procurement

Contracts and procurementThis section explains the kinds of goods, services and works we buy, how we select suppliers, and the detail of our procurement policy and practice, including our tendering processes.

You will also find details to some of our current procurement/contract opportunities.

If you are looking to become one of our suppliers or contractors, this is where you will find the information you need.

About FCO procurement

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A comprehensive guide for potential suppliers.

Suppliers & tendering

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Information on how we select suppliers and our tendering processes.

Further information on FCO procurement

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Information on how FCO Procurement delivers sustainable benefit along with VfM, procurement opportunities for smaller enterprises, innovative procurement and details on Freedom of Information and the Transparency Agenda.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Our supply chain and distinct contract requirements offer opportunities for smaller enterprises to bid for our business.

Contract adverts

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Current adverts for procurement contracts

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