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Sibling risk of autism examined

Monday Aug 15 2011

“Siblings of autistic children are nearly twice as likely to develop the disorder than was previously believed,” The Independent has today reported. The newspaper says a new study has found that the brothers and sisters of children...

Call for more maternity training

Wednesday Aug 10 2011

BBC News has reported “a call for more maternity doctors” by a group of six UK obstetricians who said that most maternal deaths are now caused by treatable medical conditions. In a British Medical Journal...

A new way to choose IVF embryos?

Wednesday Aug 10 2011

“A video technique that may significantly boost a woman’s odds of having a baby could soon be available,” according to the Daily Mail. The news is based on research in mice that investigated...

Artificial mouse sperm from stem cells

Friday Aug 5 2011

“Fertility experts are hailing a mouse study in which working sperm cells were created from embryonic stem cells in mice as ‘hugely exciting’,” reports the BBC. Other news sources have suggested that these results...

Simple test finds baby heart defects

Friday Aug 5 2011

A routine screening test for all newborn babies could improve the diagnosis of congenital heart defects, several newspapers have today reported. At present, some heart defects are detected using antenatal scans...

'Bear bile' chemical studied for irregular hearts

Wednesday Aug 3 2011

“Bear bile could help prevent arrhythmia in heart attack sufferers,” reported the Daily Mail. This headline is based on a laboratory study investigating the effects of bile acid on the electrical signals of...

Reminder given on baby salt limits

Tuesday Aug 2 2011

“Seven in 10 babies fed too much salt,” read the Daily Express headline. The newspaper’s report said that “giving babies cow’s milk is a risk because it contains nearly four times as much salt as...

Do pylons cause asthma in babies?

Tuesday Aug 2 2011

“Pregnant women who use hairdryers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners or who live near pylons could be putting their babies at risk of asthma,” reported the Daily Mail. “Exposing unborn children to potentially harmful...

Unplanned babies' learning examined

Thursday Jul 28 2011

“IVF children have bigger vocabulary than unplanned babies,” The Daily Telegraph has reported. The news is based on a large study investigating how pregnancy planning, time taken...

Study on nicotine patches in pregnancy

Monday Jul 25 2011

“Mothers using nicotine gum to avoid smoking in pregnancy ‘put unborn babies at risk’,” warns the Daily Mail. It said that the nicotine is absorbed by the foetus, which “can cause high blood pressure and heart problems later in life”.

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