Costing Manual Disclosure

Postcomm has today published a short consultation in connection with its ongoing programme of work to secure greater transparency of Royal Mail’s costs, as a key input to support more targeted regulation of the increasingly competitive postal services sector.

In our November decisions on the regulatory framework for 2011-12 we confirmed that Royal Mail would be required to document its product costing methodology in a Costing Manual, and to publish a non-confidential version of this Manual on its website. However, we said that we would consult further on the content of the published version of the Costing Manual after we had reviewed a full draft from Royal Mail. In responding to our June consultation, interested parties noted that some of the information in the full Costing Manual was commercially confidential and would need to be withheld from publication. Today’s consultation focuses on our proposal that the published version of the Manual should exclude data in Technical Appendices that is commercially confidential, while providing a complete narrative of the costing methodology illustrated where appropriate with worked examples.  

The consultation will close on Monday 31 January 2011, and we expect to decide on the form of the published version of the Costing Manual in February. If you have any questions regarding this consultation please contact Robin Pratt t. 020 7593 2186.


Costing Manual Disclosure Consultation

Summary of Support to Postcomm on the Costing Manual and its public disclosure