Customer and business surveys

The customer survey is an annual survey of residential mail users, and of small to medium business users, which we carry out in order to monitor customer behaviour and attitudes towards the postal service.

We ask questions about mail usage so that we can find out which Royal Mail services you use, how you pay for different products, and whether you prefer electronic communication to using the post. We also ask how you use the post office, and how often you use post boxes.

We ask about your understanding of which postal services are available by asking what you know about prices, and how long you think it takes first and second class services to arrive.

We want to know about your experience of delivery and collection times too, and we ask you to tell us which elements of the postal service are important to you,  the time of your mail delivery for example.

We want to find out if you are generally satisfied with Royal Mail, but we also ask you specific questions about the service, such as whether you are happy with the time your mail is delivered and whether you believe first and second class services provide value for money.

We want to know if you have experienced problems, such as loss or damage to mail, and we ask you to rate the response of Royal Mail to any complaints. We also want to know what you think about hypothetical changes to service, such as alterations to delivery or collection.

For the business customer survey, we speak to around 1,800 business customers. We ask a wide range of questions about mail usage, such as what type and volume of mail a company might send, which products and operators it might use, and how often it might use the internet for transactional mail. As with the domestic customer survey, we use the answers to chart and understand mailing patterns, and how they change.

The business customer survey is on hold for 2010, and will recommence in 2011

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