2012 Regulatory Framework

Building blocks for a sustainable postal service

In the next phase of our work developing a sustainable regulatory framework for the postal service, we are publishing a series of consultation documents to seek the views of interested parties on our current thinking.  Our aim is to maintain the momentum for much needed change to the regulation of postal services, and to do what we can to help develop a stable regulatory environment that, in particular, safeguards the universal service and protects the interests of customers. Final proposals about the new regulatory framework, informed by our ongoing research and the views of interested parties on all these consultations, are currently expected to be published in late summer 2011. We would expect a final decision to be made about the new regulatory framework in early 2012 and the new regulatory framework to take effect in spring 2012. 

To date we have published consultations on the following:

Regulatory safeguards (link)

Universal service (link)

Analysis of markets (link)

Access review (link)

Analysis of markets: International Mail market (link)

We have also published a slide pack to update interested parties on our February 2011 decisions and the above consultations on the building blocks for a sustainable postal service: 

Workshop slides (link)