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Year 2 intensive reading support

Day 4 Session 9: Evaluation of the support

Aims and overview

The aims of the meeting are to:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of the support
  • identify the next steps
  • review raising attainment plan (RAP) actions.

Before the session

  • Arrange a meeting to discuss the support with the headteacher and literacy coordinator.
  • Consult Year 2 teacher(s) and literacy coordinator.
  • Prepare a summary of the support.
  • Decide on suggestions for further action by the literacy consultant and the school.

Meeting to review the support

Discuss the outcomes and impact of the support with the headteacher and literacy coordinator returning to Resource 3: Summary of actions in schools. Add any further agreed actions including timeframes and people responsible.

Review the RAP actions

Complete the written summary and provide copies for the headteacher and literacy coordinator.

Additional notes

It is useful to design a simple questionnaire to give to staff prior to writing your report. Questions could include:

  • Which aspects of the support did you find most useful and why (assessments, audit, demonstration lessons, observations, planning)?
  • How will/has the support change(d) your class practice? You could give staff a questionnaire or evaluation form at the end of the staff meeting to help with compiling your report.


Resource 3: Summary of actions in schools


Literacy consultant/leading literacy teacher, headteacher, literacy coordinator.