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Evaluating School Performance: Target setting

E-learning modules providing guidance, advice and examples to improve the data literacy of those involved in using data to evaluate and improve school performance.

Course module

Target setting: Module 1 - The target setting process
E-Learning module explores the purpose and the principles of target setting, and the use of data within the school improvement yearly cycle.
Target setting: Module 2 - Whole school targets
E-Learning module looks at the process of setting targets and applying them to the whole school.
Target setting: Module 3 - Pupil target setting using RAISEonline
E-Learning module focuses on the process of setting targets for individual pupils in RAISEonline.
Target setting: Module 4 - Using pupil targets
E-Learning module examines how to use targets to improve progression and raise attainment standards for pupils.
Target setting: Module 5 - Impacting everyday learning
E-Learning module investigates the relevance of targets to pupils' learning provision.