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Improving the use of ICT in Foundation Stage case study: Oxfordshire

Conclusions and possibilities

  • Date: Feb 2007
  • Focus: Using ICT to capture children’s learning in order to plan the next steps for children, and to record the learning in a format that can be shared with practitioners, parents and other professionals.
  • Number in series: 14
  • Phase: Early Years
  • Key stage: Foundation Stage
  • Local authority: Oxfordshire

Key priorities

Future priorities for development are as follows.

  • Some continued support and contact with each of the settings to ensure that the impact of the project is sustained.
  • To continue to develop video conferencing work to engage children with a real audience and develop their speaking and listening skills.
  • Support for practitioners to purchase more sophisticated digital video equipment to document children’s learning.
  • To explore the possibility of keeping digital profiles for children in discussion with Early Years advisory teachers.

Extending and disseminating practice

Involvement in the project has been particularly successful for the settings that have taken part and has had a significant impact on practitioner’s assessment practices. The findings from the project will be disseminated through:

  • reports in ICT team and Early Years team termly publications
  • a session at the Oxfordshire ICT conference
  • exploring the possibilities of support for other Foundation Stage settings who want to develop the use of ICT for assessment.