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Every Child Matters prompts for 2007/08

Children in pupil referral units (PRUs)

Around 80% of pupils in PRUs have special educational needs (including 15% with statements of SEN). Some SEN questions therefore also apply to PRUs. The first question will be for the SIP to ask whether the PRU has pupils with SEN and, if so, how many or what proportion. A small number of PRUs will not have pupils with SEN (or have a small number), for example, those providing specifically for pregnant teenagers or teenage mothers.

For SIPs appointed to PRUs, the following questions could be asked in addition to those about SEN .

  • How does the PRU involve parents and carers – particularly at the admissions stage – and how does the PRU continue to engage with parents or carers throughout a pupil’s time in the PRU?
  • Has the pupil's school record been passed to the PRU from the school? Do pupils have an individual learning plan on admission to the PRU? If not, what does the PRU do to obtain one? Does the plan contain targets for reintegration into mainstream or special schools, further education or employment and for minimising the incidence of not in employment, education or training (NEET) post-16 for pupils leaving education from the PRU?
  • What systems are in place to measure attainment and progression? Are they effective? Is there follow-through? Do they track whether they meet their targets for reintegration? Where attendance is poor, what measures are the LA and PRU taking to improve attendance, including working with parents and carers?
  • Do they have systems in place for multi-agency working where appropriate and what other agencies do they involve or coordinate with?
  • Are there appropriate plans and provision in place for all pupils with SEN? For those pupils with a statement of SEN, is appropriate support in place? Are there regular reviews of the placement? If issues are identified around support and/or review, what steps are being taken to address them? Does the PRU need to be supported in addressing any issues that may be arising around the roles of other schools or organisations in supporting and reviewing arrangements for children with SEN placed in a PRU?
  • Is the PRU offering all pupils a personalised, rich and appropriate curriculum? How does it measure attainment? How does it work with local schools to offer a broad curriculum where that is appropriate (for example, providing some subjects at local schools, or by their staff). Are they providing personal, social and health education (PSHE) and does it have enough emphasis in the curriculum at the PRU?
  • How involved or effective is the statutory management committee or joint statutory management committee in deciding the annual PRU plan, including matters relating to curriculum, staffing and pupil attainment, including those who are gifted and talented?

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