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Application of synthetic phonic knowledge and skills

Saba (EAL)

Year 1

Saba learns English as an additional language; her first languages are Urdu and Punjabi. Saba's developing understanding of Phase Three long vowel phoneme 'oo' emerges in the word 'music' shown as 'myoosik' and 'groovy' shown as 'groowe'. Such phonemically plausible attempts are also demonstrated with the 'ee' grapheme in the word 'pretty' (shown as 'priteey') and again with 'er' in the word 'station' (shown as 'staishernn'). As she progresses through Phase Five she makes more correct choices, and towards the end of the academic year she demonstrates accurate spellings of a range of Phase Three and Four tricky words, for example 'was', 'there', 'said' and 'what' and the CVCC word 'went'. Saba enjoyed writing in Year 1, where her classroom environment provoked a desire for her to demonstrate what she knows and can do independently.