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Framework guidance for secondary mathematics

The renewed Framework will help mathematics teachers adapt and develop their schemes of work and teaching approaches to embrace new opportunities offered by the 2008 revision to the National Curriculum programmes of study for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and associated reforms.

You may firstly want to review the new Secondary National Curriculum for mathematics to see the importance statement, key concepts, key processes, range and content and curriculum opportunities in the subject.

You can download the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 programmes of study from the QCA website.

Although defined in less detail than previously, the revised programmes of study show considerable continuity from their predecessors. However, there are some significant changes which all schools will need to address. In the great majority of schools, these changes can be accommodated, and schemes of work strengthened, most effectively through a measured and sustained programme of updating units of work. Where existing teaching schemes are failing to ensure all pupils make good progress in the subject, more radical revisions to their structure and content are likely to be necessary. In both these situations the renewed Framework for secondary mathematics and associated materials will help you to: